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360° Fuel Station


360° Fuel Station Manager

The most efficiently run stations will invariably have better resource utilization which impacts the profitability.

Our solutions are designed to cut down on station inefficiencies, increase station operations visibility, boost productivity and ultimately profitability of your stations

TovutiFMS 360 Station Manager

All your station operations and data at your fingertips.

All your station operations and data at your fingertips.

Why TovutiFMS? All your station operations and data at your fingertips. Your employees work smart and your stations runs smart.
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Sales Control

Get all the stations sales for wet products by manual meter reading or automatic through our smart dispenser sensors. Sell the dry stocks products through our POS system. Print VAT receipts.


Customer Billing

Present your customers with ability to prepay or post-pay for their consumption. Send consumptions statements after each billing cycle


Shift Management

All activities are captured with shift in mind to help you get reports in a way you are used to. The system allows you to run two Shifts concurrently to ensure continuity making work easier for incoming and leaving teams to settle their day seamlessly.

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Stocks Control

Have full control on the level of wet stocks in your tanks through manual dips capturing or through our smart tank sensors. Keep track of dry stocks level by using our end to end inventory control processes


Reward Customers

Manage customer rewards with an inbuilt loyalty engine. Allow customers to redeem their reward and purchase for products in the station or get cashback.



Turn data into information, View dashboards, reports and charts covering all your shifts, cash management. Sales, Wet stock and many more


Receive Fuel

Avoid short deliveries of your wet stock by tracking each delivery.


Track Expenses

Track all the station expenses from electricity, internet, cleaning


Reliable & Secure

Work offline and automatically syncs t to secure data center. Our data handling meets the most stringent policies with the help of Microsoft Azure platform.

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