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360° Fuel Customer


360° Fuel Customer Manager

The most efficiently run stations will invariably have better resource utilization which impacts the profitability.

Our solutions are designed to cut down on station inefficiencies, increase station operations visibility, boost productivity and ultimately profitability of your stations

TovutiFCS 360 Customer Manager

Manage your customers' consumption and reward the loyal.

Why TovutiFCS? All your station operations and data at your fingertips. Your employees work smart and your stations runs smart.


Customer Billing

Present your customers with ability to prepay or post-pay for their consumption. Create limits to avoid customer overdrawing their accounts, get aging reports to reduce on bad debts. Send consumptions statements after each billing cycle.


Reward Customers

Reward walk-in, drive in and corporate customers . Tailor rewards to maximize ROI by only rewarding customers that add value


Fraud Control

Make your customers confident of the bills they receive by having all their transactions fetched directly from the dispenser. No manual keying of purchase values. Finally Customer gets rewards for actual dispensed amount reducing ghost transactions for rewards


Customer Portal

Give your customers the ability to manage how their fleet fuel based on days, product type. Also allow them to run their report at the comfort of their seats



Get insight on customer purchasing trends. This helps you maximize revenue by doing promotions on days with low sales e.g. “Terrific Tuesdays”


Reliable & Secure

Incase a truncation fails at the station the admin can do it anywhere, anytime. Transactions are communicated via email and SMS which serve to alert the customer of activity taking place with their account.

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