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Nile Energy Station Automation & Fleet Card


ServicesFuel Card System, Loyalty System, Station Automation

Year2017 - 2019

A leading Ugandan Registered oil marketing company whose core business is importation, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products.


Nile energy wanted a platform that could help them manage their growing numbers of loyal customers and credit customers. Further to this, they needed a system that could alert the credit customers of their limit usage, send emails for each transaction.

We offered TovutiFCS that enabled them to digited the data about their customers, capture customer transactions at the station, and reward their loyal customers. The system also offered them a quick way for their customers to consume their rewards. Finally, it became easy for them to bill their customer after each billing cycle.

After a successful implementation of Fuel card and Loyalty, Nile Energy wanted to have the customer sales captured directly from the dispensers to reduce fraud and give the customer confidence.

We automated the dispensers using sensors and integrated the direct reading of customer sales. Currently, they are able to bill credit customers for the exact consumption of fuel dispensed. Also, they only reward loyal customers for transactions that actually happened.

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