Hass Petroleum Station Automation & Fleet Card

Hass Energy Kenya was looking for a solution to help track sales of wet and dry stocks at their fuel stations. Also, the solution was to connect to their internal ERP.

We offered them TovutiFMS which captures all the activities taking place at the station from sales, stocks, fuel receipts. We integrated into their ERP so that all station data is linked to their internal process.

In addition to the station management solution, they were looking for a fleet/ loyalty card solution to help them control fuel consumption for their customers. They needed a solution to control and track consumption at their station by the various departments.

Through Hass Kenya, we provided both TovutiFMS and TovutiFCS with the ability to manage end to end operations of their fuel stations as well as their customers.

Bakri Energy Fleet Card & Pump Automation

BE Energy was using paper cards to track their loyal customers’ rewards, which was inefficient and customers were not rewarded on time.

We helped BE energy solve this by providing TovutiFCS. We captured the customers’ details and provided portable devices and cards to help them track customer sales and a robust engine to calculate rewards. Their customer gets rewarded on time and for the actual sales transaction. This reduced the time to reconcile sales and reward, reduced fraud, and made their customer happier.