Technology to Boost Your Productivity

Tovuti Group is a technology company that helps you achieve a simple life at work through our productivity tools. Make your work simple through our platform of solutions

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire, empower people and organizations through the power of innovative technology solutions that make their life/work simple and creates value. Our intention is to be one of the global leaders in tech for business in Africa. We want to be part of the Top 500 companies in Africa in the 2030s.

We wake up to push boundaries, explore the impossible and help people in organizations feel relaxed at their work. When the success stories of Africa in technology are told, we want to be there. We believe that it’s having many successful stories, from people you can relate to, that will inspire others to join entrepreneurship for value in Africa.


Our Core Values

Expect a dependable team that consistently deliver in Good Quality and Great Performance. Our relationships go beyond the purchase for our customers.

Employees develop skills to set goals and make purpose driven decisions. We invest in our team careers and expose ourselves to the best in our industry.

We are a community you can call home… “A place where feeling good don’t ever cost a thing“.

Africa for Business


What We Do

Our work is to improve the efficiency of business processes, one value step at a time. Through technology we automate the business processes for the value steps that are tedious, look complicated, cause headache and are a pain to manage.

We build, test, and improve to make work simple, improve visibility, and you know what… we don’t stop there we integrate to other systems in the value chain to help complete our customers’ business dream.

Asset maintenance and servicing, SLA and compliance by contractors and Technicians made easier
The easiest, dependable way to track fuel consumptions at your station for your account customers and the loyal customers you want to reward

Meet Our Leadership

Adam leads development and technology adoption of current industry trends at Tovuti Group Ltd.
Responsible for business strategy development and oversees all operations and business activities at Tovuti Group Ltd.
Martin oversees business development, sales, customer relationships & partner engagement for SaharaDESK.
Sio champions Tovuti Group’s Fuel Station Solutions unit SaharaFCS, ensuring that we bring maximum value to our customers and their customers.

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