Educational products

Tovuti Groups multi-application smart card Solution dubbed EASY CAMPUS used for Identification, Access Control, Attendance tracking, Library usage and cashless purchases at the cafeteria.Access control to school campuses and buildings is a top concern for most school officials. EASY CAMPUS delivers a balance between having a user-friendly, welcoming school environment and a facility which is secure from unwanted intruders. As well EASY CAMPUS cashless module is ideal for charging for meals, snacks and any other purchases at the schoo college or university using our all-in-one payment card.


Easy campus

For a cashless school environment

  • Provides a complete, comprehensive cashless system
  • State-of-the-art, easy to integrate hardware
  • Flexible loading options including cash or Mpesa


For a secure school environment

  • Delivering peace of mind and security
  • Enhanced student time and attendance
  • Ensuring complete non authorised access

What we can do for your bank

Our Bank loyalty programs allow customers to earn rewards for things they do every day, such as use their debit or credit card, write cheques, pay bills online, and even applying for loans.

  • Cut costs via incentivising alternative banking channels.
  • Promote cross-selling of your banking products.
  • Grow your customers numbers via referrals and customer brand advocacy.
  • Send targeted promotions and marketing campaigns.
  • Partner with merchants to offer complete loyalty rewards to your customers.
  • Drive purchasing behavior of your customers e.g. promos and rewards during low revenue seasons.
  • Lead your peers in appreciating and rewarding loyal customers.


Sacco Management Solutions

Our Sacco management solution gears at streamlining all operational activities within a micro finance institution or Sacco organisation or any other members contribution group.

Our broad based solutions features include:

  • Member Registration & profiling
  • Savings & contributions products
  • Loans Management products
  • And more...


POS & Restaurant Management

Get both a quick-serve and full service restaurant POS backed by a complete restaurant management system that gives you a wide array of benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Keep lines moving for quick serve outletswhile improving customer experience for full service restaurants.
  • Modifiers & Condiments: Make meal orders with an infinite number of modifications/ variations.
  • Centralized Management: Manage geographically dispersed restaurants centrally.
  • Table Management: Define optimal Tables and seating arrangements for your restaurant.
  • Staff efficiency: Manage your staff, roles and vet performance while optimizing performance by allowing sharing orders between the staff.
  • Easily correct errors: Correct any wrong orders either at item level or order level with easy to follow order/ items transfer and voiding steps.
  • Detailed Item Definitions: Manage menus, food/ drink groupings, meal modifiers and related price-listswith ease
  • Detailed Item Grouping: Setup infinite number of groupings/ categories for you items
  • Payments Freedom: Manage payments i.e. cash, credit, gift voucher, cards
  • Customer Loyalty: Manage your customers and give loyalty incentives
  • Easy Discounts: Manage both customer level and ticket level discounts with ease.
  • Surcharge when you need to: Forgot to charge for that take-away container, no worries, simply surcharge during order payment.
  • Works offline: Guarantee service uptime by working off-line with automatic syncing of data to cloud.


Inventory & Recipe Management

Keep track of both your raw materials and processed items as they move in or across multiple outlets and channels while at the same time keeping track of the base cost of your recipes per serving/ plate. Our inventory and Recipe Management Solution enables you to;

  • Track your inventory:Track movement of raw, processed and finished products whether you have a standalone restaurant or a chain of them.
  • Cost your items:Calculate the base production cost for you meals making sure you never sell at a loss.
  • Recipes to go: Define recipes with precise ingredients ratios for use by even the novice cooks in your team
  • Cover for wastage:Calculate and cater for wastage in your production
  • Meal Combos: Combine multiple recipes to make super meals while still keep track of the base production costs.
  • Measurement Units Redefined:Define your own measurement units thus making it easy for you to efficiently track non-standard stock
  • Vendor Management: Keep track of your vendors / suppliers, their contract terms and the products they supply
  • It's not just about food: Keep track of non-food inventory items like cutlery, cooking pans, etc
  • Never run out: Track stock levels and reorder levels for each and every outlet in your chain. We never allow you to run out and miss a sale.


Order Processing Solutions

Does your business have a chain of outlets that frequently transfer stock and products between one another? Does your business make frequent requests for restocking to your suppliers and vendors? If so, this solution will be perfect for you.

  • Order visibility: Manage and process orders between outlets in your chain of restaurants.
  • Easy reconciliation: Minimize in transit losses by automatically reconciling dispatched and received stock.
  • Restock on demand: Make requisitions to your vendors/ suppliers for re-stocking.
  • Easy work-flows: Keep track of all transfer requests and approval with a detailed process workflow.
  • Operate on the go: Not need for a dedicated station to make requests or receive stock, you can simply do this on the go via a dedicated mobile app.
  • Real time updates: Track deliveries in real time via the cloud.


Why choose us

  • Our hospitality solutions have been tailored to the needs of the African market by taking advantage of local technologies like M-Pesa mobile money payments.
  • We provide you with an all-in-one restaurant management solution from actual sales and related parameters management, to inventory management and even customer loyalty rewards management.
  • We give real time operational insight into your business.
  • We enable you manage all aspects of your business remotely via the cloud.
  • We realize that internet connectivity in Africa still lags behind that of the rest of the world. We have therefore optimized or solution to work even there is no Internet connection via dedicated offline operations with automated background cloud syncing.


NAS Airport Services

Problem: NAS was looking for a quick serve POS with closed loop card payments capabilities. The POS system was to handle their corporate customers by enabling them account for and track personnel expenses at NAS canteens and in office catering services.

Solution: We provided them with a Point of Sale system running a backend Card Management Platform that enable them to issue cards on either a pre-paid or post paid basis to their corporate clients. The whole solution was cloud based meaning the cost of adoption was low as it did not require acquisition of servers and related infrastructure.


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